One of the most common questions we get asked is, "How do I assemble my wedding invitations?" Invitations often contain many pieces, and it can be confusing to put them together correctly in the envelope. Here are the steps to assembling a formal/classic wedding invitation. Remember, if you’re having a more casual ceremony or don’t need to include so many pieces in your invitation, not all of these steps may apply.

invitation assembly


Place the invitation face up in front of you. 
If using tissue, insert it over the writing on the inside of the invitation.

  • Layer enclosures face up on top of the invitation in order of size, with the largest enclosure nearest the invitation. 
  • Enclosures with accompanying envelopes, such as response cards, should be tucked beneath their envelope flaps so the triangle covers part of the writing on the card.

-Slip the stack into the inner envelope, folded edge first (or left edge first if invitations are not folded) with the writing on the invitation facing the back of the inner envelope.

-Place the unsealed inner envelope into the outer envelope with the flap of the inner envelope facing away from you.

Once you have all the pieces assembled, you are ready to add postage and mail them to your loved ones!